Susan Krongold


   In a world , where everyone is in a hurry, the violin can be an oasis. Go to that room…the room where you keep the violin and the music stand, and close the door. Leave all that rushing from one place to another…leave it behind.

  Work slowly and carefully. Check your position, make sure it’s perfect, because, it is the result of hundreds of years of experimentation. It actually makes playing the violin easier. Listen to every note, because, listening is as important as playing….a lost art for most of the world, but, not for the violinist. Take the time to make it your own. The passage that’s difficult…take a pencil and circle the problem. Work on the circle, then work on a few notes before and the circle and the same with a few notes after… we call them bridges. Work on that passage until you’re happy with the way you play it. If you can’t figure out what the problem is, bring it to the lesson and I’ll help you with it.

  Make the time that you have to practice count. If it’s only twenty minutes, just work on a section or two. Don’t rush through the whole piece. That’s a waste of your time.

  Remember that learning to play the violin shouldn’t be another obligation in your life. There is work and discipline involved, but, this work shouldn’t be a weight on your shoulders. Don’t put a time limit on your study. Some things are easy to learn…some take longer. Enjoy the process. I do.